PR-VSC 7000

X ray Container Truck Scanning System PR-VSC 7000

PR-VSC 7000

Accelerator X Ray Container Truck Scanning System is used for conventional cargo container nondestructive inspection .Through scanning image, this system is able to identify if illegal contrabands, or prohibitive goods that don’t match the custom declarations inside the container rapidly and safely Accelerator X Ray Container Truck Scanning System is mainly used in ports, borders, airports, and other secure base for customs inspection, inspection and quarantine inspection and safety inspection


X Ray Container Truck Scanning System is designed to meet user’s need that fast inspect different medium and large vehicles including container vehicles without opening the container. The system allows all kinds of containers and large vehicles to pass through with the channel width 2.6m, height 4.6m.

X Ray Container Truck Scanning System can be widely applied to the seaports, transportation hubs, roads bayonet, bonded areas, etc. for customs, anti-smuggling dept. or public security to inspect the container goods, empty containers, truck for fast check without opening the container or vehicle to achieve 100% inspection

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PR-VSC 7000 X ray Container Truck Scanning System PR-VSC 7000

High throughput, 100% inspection

Can inspect 40 pcs 40GP/HQ container each hour, no dead angle inspection.

■ High penetration, excellent image quality

The system adopts new accelerator and detector, can quickly generate clear scanning image, which reached advanced level among similar products. The penetration can reach 320mm steel.

■ Scanned image without distortion

The system can automatically adjust the scanning frequency according to the speed of the vehicle passing through to ensure the scanning picture is not deformed.

■ Large scanning channel, adapted to inspect all kinds of containers/ trucks.

The scanning tunnel of SECU SCAN X Ray Container Truck Scanning System is 2.6m wide, 4.6m high, can inspect all kinds of containers. Long vehicle inspection can be achieved by the method of mosaic image.

■ Reliable radiation safety measures

To reduce the impact on the environment and equipment operators, SECU SCAN adopt a very effective means of radiation protection, the radiation level is much lower than the regulations and standards recommended by international organizations such as IAEA, WHO and ICRP, won’t produce radioactive residues.

■ The modular system design, small footprint

The entire system adopts modular system design with compact structure and small footprint. The maximum width of the equipment is 6 meter. In addition, the modular design allows the system to relocate quickly. After transition, don’t need much assembly and commissioning, can be installed according to the actual condition.

■ Powerful image processing functions

Image checkpoints provide zoom, pseudo-color transformation, edge enhancement, contrast adjustment, multi-image comparison, image format conversion, long image stitching and other image processing functions, enables the operator to quickly and easily identify the various types of prohibited items inside the container and make the suspect mark on the image.

■ Friendly operation

Supports multi-point touch to help the operator better and faster recognize image

■ Excellent integration capabilities and process customization capabilities.


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