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Say Goodbye to Crumbs & Dirt

4 levels of cleaning suction (max. 2200Pa), enabling you to pick and choose the appropriate level based on the messiness on the floor.

Row by Row Cleaning

Row by row cleaning pattern ensures greater coverage and cleaner floors.

Multiple Cleaning Modes

Multiple cleaning modes (Auto, Edge, Spot, Random) cater to individual, residential needs.

Extra Clean with Mopping

Sometimes, the messiness in life requires more than just vacuuming. Easily switch to the water tank (included in the package) to enhance cleaning by mopping.

Auto-Return to Charging StationThe Robot automatically returns to the dock when it has finished cleaning or needs a power boost.

When & WhereLuckily, the Robot won’t charge you by the hour or mileage. When docked, you can check out when and where your Robot had been running around on Cleaning History with a map.

Scheduled Cleaning

Self-adjustable cleaning cycles help keep your house fresh and clean every day, or just in time before your guests arrive.

Smart & Clean Home

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner can work with other smart devices in the app, such as security alarm systems, cameras, WiFi light bulbs and so on. A scenario example: When your security system is armed (Away), the Robot will start roaming and cleaning.


Model No.:RV-500
Navigation:Optical flow sensor
Power input:19V, 0.6A
Battery:DC 14.4V, Li-ion 2600mAh
Power consumption:28W
Dustbin capacity:500ML
Water tank capacity:300ML
Cleaning time:Max. 150mins (suction: quiet level)
Charging time:5-6 hours
Dimensions:325 x 325 x 72.5mm


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